Our of My MindExtended Lesson Plan
Content area: English/Language Art
Grade: 8
Duration 45 Minutes
8.5 The student will read and analyze a variety of fictional texts, narrative nonfiction, and poetry

8.6d) Analyze the author's use of text structure and word choice.

8.7 CF Elaborate the central idea providing sustained unity throughout the writing
(Virginia Department of Education pg 182,187)
Classroom Objectives
Describe in depth a character in a story drawing on specific details in the text (e.g., a character’s thoughts, words, or actions) which make them unique.
Summative assessment:
Students are to write an essay comparing or contrasting their characteristic traits to those of one of the characters in the book. Students must use descriptive language used in text to demonstrate understanding of concept.
21st century skills
Learning and Innovation
Creativity and Innovation:

Students will use silhouette cut outs (provided) to make a puzzle of what makes them unique. Students are to cut the silhouette into pieces. Each piece must have something written on it as to what makes them unique. Students are to then glue their puzzle onto construction paper provided leaving ½ space between each piece (see sample attached). Students are to then write an essay comparing or contrasting their characteristic traits to those of one of the characters in the book.
Critical Thinking and problem solving:

Students will be able to relate characters to people in real life. Students will be able to explain in dept as to why that character is similar to someone in their life.

If students are not able to relate someone in their real life they will be able to explain why one does not fit the characteristics of characters in the book.
Communication and collaboration:
Students will work in groups to discuss characters and drawing on specific events in the book.
Information, Media, and Technology

Create a book review of students while videoing their responses to characters in the book. Students will discuss their puzzle pieces and how each piece relates to their characteristics. Students will then relate the character to one of the book characters. After video is completed watch it as a group and review to develop insight about other members of the classroom and yourself.
Information Literacy
Media Literacy
Life and Career
Flexibility and Adaptability
Initiative and Self-Direction
Social and Cross-Cultural
Productivity and Accountability
Leadership and Responsibility
Prior knowledge – Activate prior knowledge by asking students, “What makes them unique? What are some of your characteristics traits that make you different from others?” Students will read “Out of Our Mind,” and focus on characters. What characteristics do they have? What characteristics do they like or dislike? Is there anyone they know with similar characteristics?

Out of my mind is a book with many interesting personalities, a fighter, believer, nurturer, provider and many haters. Everyone is trying to get Melody for one reason or another. The best thing for her to do is to find out who wants what before it’s too late.
Instructional sequence

Activate prior knowledge by asking students, “What makes you unique?

Designate literature group timer, discussion leader, summarizer, and luminator.

Predetermine size of book and how much will be read before discussion. Read a portion of book “Out of our mind.”
Stop and discuss portions of the book. When discussion is complete.Review characters. Create puzzle and share as a group.external image puzzle_piece-index.jpg
Videoing Discussion
Discuss and video characteristics of characters.
Summarize objective and cloze.
Formative assessment

Students will be able to write (short essay) explaining traits of characters in the book. Students will collaborate to develop a clear understanding of the characters and their voice.


After viewing video discuss if the students found the book enjoyable? Was it what you thought it would be? Did the characters turn out as they would have liked? Would the students be interested in reading another book of the same type with the same or similar activities?
Technology integration:
Video presentation by students and share on the Smartboard with the class.
Grouping Needs:
Timer for time keeping Video Recorder
Note taking pads Television or Smartboard
Pencil Scissor
Silhouette image
Construction Paper
Differentiation: Listen to “Out of my mind,” on tape. Students will role play the characters in the book. Students will also role play to demonstrate characteristic they have similar to or different from ones in book.